Black and white image of London cityscape skyline from Hungerford Bridge of Waterloo Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral and the City of London in background, with lamppost on the right in the foreground.
Silhouette of a couple walking into the autumnal forest at sunset as their shadows and the trees cast s.hadows on the ground
Black and white image of the curved, ship-like exterior of the Guggenheim building in Bilbao, Spain.
Male gymnast swinging midair silhouetted along with distant palm tress and the pier against the sunset at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.
Black and white image of a pigeon coming in to land next to other pigeons who stand on an ornate balcony in front of two large windows.
Three old red doors under the pier at Brighton Beach
Black and white image of abandoned tracks, a beached wooden boat and a wooden hut on the pebble beach of Dungeness.
Black and white image of many pigeons taking off in flight in front of an office block off of Oxford Street in London.
Opening night of The Shard, as viewed from Tower Bridge. Green laser light emitted from the purple-lit Shard as the offices and City Hall are lit up against the milky waters of the Thames and the purple night sky.
Landscape sepia toned view of countryside in south Wales with a large tree in the middle ground and rolling hills and clouds in the background.
View of Westminster, the Elizabeth Tower housing Big Ben at sunset. Silver taxi waits in the foreground corner and light streaks as a bus goes by.
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