Moody blue colour with a lone female dancer of Hispanic ethnicity
Black and white image of dancers on stage with legs raised during rehearsal with ladder in foreground
White male dancer leaps in midair in front of pale pink and purple curtains
Sepia image of a seated, beautiful female white ballet dancer in tutu, lacing her ballet shoes
Silhouette of young female dance student standing in front of large window
Black and white photo of female dancer frozen in motion in a leap in front of Tower Bridge in London with people and the river Thames in the background
A male dancer leaps in midair to catch a London bus
Black and white image of male and female dancers lit by spotlight
Female Asian contemporary dancer frozen in motion holding a piece of fabric as she poses in front of colourful graffiti of a female face on wall in Shoreditch, London
Silhouette of male dancer posing with hat in hand and leg raised in front of large window, with his shadow spilling onto the floor
Male dancer leaping in mid-air in front of colourful street art on wall.
Male and female dancers from Cinderella wearing white on stage with dry ice around their feet and purple blue background.
Female dancer in orange dress, arms outstretched with light trail from the dress behind her
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